I decided at the age of 16 that I would have a whippet some time. A couple of years later while visiting The Agricultural days’ coursing show in Hódmezővásárhely I totally fell in love with this breed, looking at them as they devoted themselves to their instincts with their tensing muscles and flew in the field.

Zulu got to us in 2011. He has so much endurance and desire to fight, which is hardly comparable to anything. We entered into the world of coursing by him, and step by step we learnt racing.

We chose Levendula consciously to take part in coursing. The load of work, training and stamina bore its fruit, we are very proud of her results.

We redeemed our kennel name in 2015. A sighthound is not a usual sight by itself, but its running is so unique that you cannot compare it to anything else. This and our devotion to coursing inspired our name.

We would like our puppies to get to such a loving family where they have the possibility to pursue this sport.

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